Piglets, Finally!

Number 1 farrowed June 18 and her piglets are weaned and ready to go. These are all Bootleg’s piglets too. We’re keeping Pinky and Brownie 3, both male piglets, and the rest can go. Folks here are starting to buy piglets for fattening for Baclayon town fiesta in December. If you’re interested in buying our piglets, please come and visit us. Piglets in our village sell for PhP2,500 each.

Here’s a video of the piglets with Number 1, taken when the piglets were about 6 days old. This is Number 1’s first litter and she has proven to be a wonderful caring mother!

Here’s a video of the piglets enjoying the garden. They are about 3-4 weeks old here, learning to root and forage for the first time.

Their father, Bootleg is half-duroc, and the mother, Number 1, is a mix of Landrace and Large White. There’s probably some Pietrain or Philippine Native Pig mixed in there too. Our attempts at cross-breeding and keeping pigs in natural environment has been quite successful. These pigs are strong and hardy, able to enjoy the outdoors. They are never mutilated (no castrating, ear notching, or tail docking, etc). They are also never injected with antibiotics or supplements. I’ll post more about our pig breeding experiences later.

We hope to have piglets more next time! 🙂

For Sale – Muscovy Ducks Breeding Pair (1,000 pesos per pair)


We have about 5 pairs of ducks ready for dispatch. The male ducks (drakes) are 6 months old and above, mature and already capable of mating. These drakes were also part of our duck fattening program so they are large and meaty birds that will make a fantastic duck stew. But because these drakes grew very quickly, they have “angel wing syndrome”, presented as a deformity of the wing. This does not affect the breeding or genetics of the ducks.

The drakes come with female ducks that are 6 months old and above, some have already laid their first clutch of eggs. So when you buy a breeding pair, you don’t need to wait 6 months to start having eggs and ducklings.

helloduck2If you would like to start your own family of ducks, call or text 0929-8057723 to make an appointment to visit Duckduckbro!

Turkey Daddy invades the Duckduckbro premises! ?

What?! Prefer turkey?

Sure! We don’t have them! ? But our neighbour does! She sells turkey chicks at 250 pesos each (subject to availability). When you come and visit, we can check them out. PM us to make an appointment!

When in Bohol …

Finally, we managed to visit the restaurant that buys our ducks! I have looked them up on Trip Advisor earlier and saw that they went up and down the 1-5 ranking of best restaurants in Bohol. I have often been disappointed with culinary experiences here but wondered if this place will disappoint my pessimism – if they appreciate the exquisite flavour of barbary duck then they must be more sophisticated than the usual folks who are happy with the same bland menu every season.

I went there with my husband and ordered: Salad Niçoise, house wine (white wine), Spaghetti Niçoise, Mexican Beef, Black Coffee and Coffee Grand Marnier. It was all absolutely amazingly good food!! Thank goodness!! The staff were so friendly and worked hard too!


Here’s the Salad Niçoise (above) which doesn’t look particularly impressive but the taste is amazing. The salad vegetables and herbs here are delightfully refreshing and flavourful, as it turns out, the place have their own herb and vegetable garden.The freshness of such simple ingredients as tomatoes, basil and cucumbers make such an enormous difference in the quality of this salad.

Both the Salad Niçoise and Spaghetti Niçoise also gave me an idea as to how I can put more fish in our diet. The dressing with anchovies and the seared tuna were just perfect.


Here is the Mexican Beef which I nearly finished before I could take a photo! I often order beef to see how good a restaurant is because a bad restaurant would often have tough pieces of meat in pathetic servings. But this beef was tender and not overcooked or over-sauced and over-spiced. If you have excellent ingredients, there is no need to be garish!


The coffee was excellent, and in Bohol it is so easy to ruin good coffee beans! Thank goodness, this restaurant knew how to brew good coffee. The French coffee I ordered was also excellent. I was a bit nervous because I often have allergic reactions to both milk and alcohol but I experienced no discomfort with both the cream and the Grand Marnier. Often, I have associated my problems with the quality of the liquor.



It was really great to get to know this place and indeed, quite an honour that they are serving our ducks here!

Here (below) are some photos, this time of the herb and vegetable gardens that the restaurant maintains. I cannot stress enough what a difference it makes to have these ingredients fresh! Hopefully, our own garden will get better over time and provide us with our own fresh produce. It hasn’t been easy with the bad and rocky soil but over the years, it is getting better!

Anyway, when in Bohol, do take the time to visit The Pearl Restaurant at Linaw Beach Resort on Panglao Island. Cheers!

Duck Availability for January-March 2016


New Year Greetings from Duckduckbro in Baclayon!

If you’re looking for free-range ducks to serve, we got them!

Our ducks are the Muscovy variety, also known as Barbary Duck. At the moment, we have 10 ducks to dispatch until the end of January. In end of February, there will be 5 more available. By end of March to beginning of April, there will be at least 15 ducks available. These ducks are at least 4 months old, providing fantastic, lean and tender duck meat.

We also have native chickens which are a very important non-meat breed of chickens known for their extraordinary flavour. If you are interested, we have 5 available, and by end of February, will have 10 more ready to dispatch, then another 10 by end of March.

If you’re interested in further expanding Bohol’s culinary experience, please help us reduce our growing duck (and native chicken) population! Please buy Barbary! Details are provided below.

Best wishes,

Fatima at Duckduckbro!

About Our Ducks

Our ducks are allowed to free-range in the garden with their own pond for swimming. They eat commercial feeds combined with chopped or grated coconuts, chopped banana trunks, taro roots and unripe jackfruits. The baby ducklings are kept in a separate pen to protect them from crushing. They are fed commercial booster feeds or hog grower feeds, and at 6 weeks old are let out into the garden with the older ducks.

How Much Our Ducks (and Native Chickens) Cost

Dressed Ducks (Barbary Ducks)

(These are ducks less than 6 months old so the meat is softer. These are prepared with head and feet intact. Liver, heart and gizzard are included. Let us know if you would like to include the intestines and blood. Place your order at least two days in advance so that your duck can be prepared).

Dressed Duck – 250 pesos per kilo

For orders/inquiries contact:

Fatima Lasay

Email: fats.lasay@gmail.com

Make an appointment to visit:

Call or Text Fatima/Penny

Mobile: +63 9298057723

Our location:

San Roque, Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines

Do We Deliver?

We’re thinking about it! We’re so low-tech we don’t even have a vehicle. But we can hire a neighbour with a tricycle to deliver to your place or we can commute some ducks! 😉 So that’ll be extra cost. Contact us and we’ll talk about it.

See our ducks online at http://www.duckduckbro.com/

Socialise with our ducks at https://www.facebook.com/duckduckbro

Don’t Know How to Cook Duck????

With some 3 to 5 ducks, you can feed the whole town! 🙂

Focus on: Passion Flower

Passion Flower

This is the beautiful enchanting flower of the Passiflora edulis, or the passion flower. The plant is a vine and the fruits ripen from a green to a yellow colour. The fruit is pulpy, containing numerous edible seeds, with a distinct sweet aroma. This is one of few plants that survived the drought from February-June of this year.

The seeds of this plant are now available for Seed Save and Swap!